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If you are trying to contact Dragonfly, our dragonflysolar.com contact data has been compromised. Use the confirmed email addresses below for the near term, especially those working with us on all current projects.

If you want to contact our COO Bob Messerich by email, you can reach him at: b.messerich@dragonfly-solar.com.

Regular Mail at our corporate offices:
Dragonfly Solar, attn: Bob Messerich-COO, 10583 202nd St. W., Lakeville, MN 55044


You can reach me by email at: s.peters@dragonfly-solar.com

Regular Mail:
Dragonfly Solar, attn: Steve Peters-President, 10583 202nd St. W., Lakeville, MN 55044

Thank you for your understanding.

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Dragonfly Solar begins Building Canisteo 1 MW Project Awarded from Xcel RDF Fund

Although there has been process involved in getting to the build stage, Dragonfly can finally say we will begin building in October.

The overhead below is an example of a ! MW farm built for Heartland Power Cooperative in St. Ansgar, Iowa. 

Dragonfly Solar Largest System in Iowa

Dragonfly Solar in Iowa

Part of the attraction to the Xcel and the RDF committee is to observe and determine the pro’s and con’s of building a solar plant in the middle of a large wind farm.

The project will be hosted by Garwin McNeilus. Garwin began with nothing years ago to become the national standard for building Cement Mixers and the finished product-Cement Trucks. Chances are if you have seen one driving down the road, it is one of Garwin’s as his trucks have become the de-facto standard in the industry. He also designs, builds and ships fully collapsable metal buildings where his crew can erect a church in Arica in a day or two. He has been a true inventor his entire life with building in Africa something Garwin is very committed to.

Dragonfly has developed a good relationship with Garwin and his team as we proceeded through all the necessary steps to get to final stage to begin the build next month.

We are excited to have been one of the thirteen projects chosen and look forward to proving once again how well our team designs and builds solar facilities in the Midwest, and the East Coast; as well as honored to be working with Garwin and his team.

January 18, 2018 UPDATE:

Obviously there were unexpected delays. We will provide more information as it is confirmed.

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Dragonfly Solar Chosen to Oversee and Consult on 50 MW Project in Maryland

Sometimes when people and companies work hard to be the best they can be and just keep their heads down focusing on where their skills are a differentiator and where they need improvement, like we at Dragonfly have tried to do for over 7 years now, it hopefully gets awarded by becoming known around the U.S. This, we believe, is what got Dragonfly Solar involved in this 50 MW project in Maryland with more to follow.

We are in deep discussions for projects in Rhode Island and Virginia as well. This, in addition to being one of 13 chosen out of hundreds of applications from all around the U.S. including the really big names in the business for Xcel Energy’s RDF Fund. We will be building a 1 MW project within an existing wind farm this spring. I am sure this has probably been done somewhere, but not in Minnesota or likely nowhere close to the Midwest. At least none that we are aware of.

The Solar PV market has changed at a blinding speed especially over the last two years or so. Fortunately, it headed in the direction Dragonfly has been working hard and preparing for over the last 7 years – betting on these kind of changes coming to fruition. Whether great foresight or a little luck or both…we are grateful for the work.

Existing NDA’s don’t allow us to say much more than this.

It has been a hard market for a long time and we wish good luck to all in this industry.

All the best,

Steve Peters
Dragonfly Solar

Dragonfly Solar


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Dragonfly Solar Completes 2nd Solar Project for Luther College

We are pleased to announce that Dragonfly Solar has completed Phase 2 at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

The project consisted of two ground mount solar facilities separated by a river bed and both in a flood plain.

Luther Ground Mount Overview Drawing

The second component was 100 kW roof top solar on the college’s Preus Library. Dragonfly Racking Preus at Luther College

This now accounts once again for the largest system in Iowa at over 1.1 MW. We have been competing with ourselves as the previous largest site was the facility we built right before starting on Luther which was for another coop (we seem to be in good standing with this very knowledgable group which we take as a compliment of sorts). That project was for Heartland Power Cooperative which came in at 856 kW and was built near one of their two offices in St. Ansgar, Iowa.

Here you see where we added onto the back of the first project in 2012: smallest portion half racking luther old array side copy.jpg

We are grateful that Luther and the projects financier chose us again. We hope that also says something about our company and the kind of work we consistently do.

Luther Ground Mount beginning West half

Although our sweet spot has been in the 500 kW to 10 MW range, we are often called in varios sized projects especially if it requires some complexity due to site restrictions,new product usage or other first time-never done before type projects. This is where our decades of experience really makes a difference. The real upside for clients with projects of various sizes is they still get the same outstanding engineering (done in house), as well as all required CAD drawings for history, commissioning (also done in house), etc….which Dragonfly Solar has become well known for. /Users/bobmesserich/Google Drive/DragonFly files/Luther 2014/Lut

We often can perform so well at such competitive prices because of the in house work…..we subcontract very little – mainly only serious excavation, fencing and occasional concrete work. Luther---Dragonfly-West-half-ground-mount-done

We are an honest group of 25 year or more veterans with the accompanying experience in the positions where it really makes a difference in our projects from beginning to end.

Give Dragonfly Solar a call at 855-ECO-1SUN (if you want to talk with me as the President, I am at ext 700), or send an email to contact@dragonflysolar.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for considering Dragonfly and for considering solar – your grandchildren will be forever grateful.

And an very special thank you to Luther College. After two projects over a few years, I can tell you I have not dealt with a group of people who bring such a high degree of intelligence and professionalism. These folks are really really smart which makes our job in complex projects much easier. They are a national leader when it comes to the total picture of what a seriously dedicated, small carbon footprint motivated, institution looks like. It is no accident that then National Secretary of Energy Steven Chu chose Luther’s Solar project for his first government video on how to do this right. He was spot on!

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Heartland Power Cooperative – Leading the way with the largest solar facility in Iowa completed by Dragonfly Solar

Heartland Power Cooperative, with offices in St. Ansgar Iowa and Thompson Iowa owned the largest solar array in Iowa for much of last year and some of this year as well, until we just completed our last project with Luther College which now occupies that position in the State of Iowa Solar. Both completed by Dragonfly Solar.

USA Flag


This was the first real “winter solar build” Dragonfly has been involved in.

Half of site covered in 4 feet of snow

Dragonfly Builds Iowa’s Largest Solar PV Array in Mid Winter in St. Ansgar, Iowa

In many ways, it was brutal, and we learned a lot about the many differences that will be very helpful the next winter project we are contracted to design and build.

This was a project managed by NRCO. We received our “NTP” Notice to Proceed on November 25th…much later than we had anticipated. The week before we really began, it was warm enough to still rain and rain it did. For an entire week. Then the fall turned instantly to January like winter…and never really ever left until next spring.

We had already had all the I-beam’s installed in the ground, rushing the last numbers in the rain with a forecast suggesting a very cold spell that could last for some time. All beam were in but just in time leaving large ruts and tire tracks from that work and other lift work. Over a weekend, the temperature dropped to about 0 to 15 below zero and stayed that way for over 10 days. Freezing everything solid…ruts and all. See frozen dirt pile intended to distribute before any winer along with final or very near final excavation work.

Rained for days then straight to 10 below zero for almost 10 days...in November!

Rained for days then straight to 10 below zero for almost 10 days…in November!

Almost everything from there on out required frequent use of un-gloved hands and it was cold. It sits right in the middle of wind alley proved by all the wind turbines surrounding that area. So even at 10 degrees, with the wind, it was never warm until well after we completed our work. We waited until the ground thawed to get back in for the final grading and cover planting to complete. Tough stuff – very proud of our team, unreal circumstances.

Those are solar panels (SolarWorld), in those boxes waiting to be installed

Those are solar panels (SolarWorld), in those boxes waiting to be installed

We found out later that NRCO’s (National Renewables Cooperative Organization – which was created to help coops with projects), largest project to date, by a fair amount at the time, was the one we were building for Jon and his team at Heartland. This created some “learning curves”. If you are bidding on a project under the similar circumstances, feel free to contact me if you think I could help. Just send en email to contact@dragonfly-solar.com with Title to me, Steve Peters.

In the end, the team from Heartland led by CEO Jon Leerar, Mike Holstad, Karrie Pringnitz, Randy Dieterich, Dave Low and the rest of the team at Heartland – Thank you….just the very best group of people I/we have ever had the pleasure working with. Smart, fair, aggressive in the way their customers want them to be. Showing leadership in tangible ways…Perfect. Here is a link to their website if helpful. I would only ask that if you call that you realize Jon is the CEO and is on the move constantly, so please serious, similar questions please – thank you: Heartland Power Cooperative

If you are another coop or a company, school, hospital, city, etc…looking for experienced EPC steeped in larger Solar PV installations under every kind of circumstances – (flood plains, completely custom solar parking-charging stations over a parking lot sitting over a swamp for GE Global Fleet Headquarters, three different installs on one site at same time, almost every top of the line products and related competency as we build to the customer – to their site. I think we may have only one facility that is identical to another we built. All the rest were different for real reasons), and would like too talk to them about our effort, I am sure Jon would take a call. Jon leads all at St. Ansgar and Thompson offices…a true Iowa Coop leading the way. Proving Coops and Solar can exist together!

Dragonfly Solar Largest System in Iowa

Dragonfly Solar in Iowa

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Dragonfly Solar US Congressman Walz and Coop Solar Facility

Recently in Oronoco Minnesota, KTTC TV out of Rochester Minnesota ran a story featuring US Congressman Walz as he was touring solar facilities in the state in an attempt to help keep the momentum going. Congressman Walz is an advocate for renewables and we appreciate and salute his efforts in this growing arena…

Dragonfly Solar was chosen to build the solar facility for a partnership between Peoples Energy Cooperative-Rochester MN, Tri-County Coopertive-Rushford MN, and Freeborn-Mowwer Cooperative Services-Albert Lea MN.

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Dragonfly Solar’s Project Featured in Bloomberg Business – April 2015

Dragonfly Solar successfully commissioned the largest solar facility in Iowa in February 2015.

This project was featured this week within the context of fossil fuel discussion.

More here: Dragonfly Solar Largest Solar Facility in Iowa for the tweet and the rest of the article. More details on this project to follow soon.

Dragonfly Solar Largest System in Iowa

Dragonfly Solar in Iowa

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Dragonfly Solar Commissions Minnesota’s Largest Solar PV Facility Installed in 2014

517 kW Designed and Built by Dragonfly Solar

517 kW Designed and Built by Dragonfly Solar

In spite of the wettest spring in history, Dragonfly successfully completed the 517 kW Solar Facility for 3 electric cooperatives in Minnesota.

People’s Energy Cooperative – Oronoco, MN

Tri County Cooperative in Rushford, MN

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services in Albert Lea, MN

The video equipment could not be positioned until the rain subsided for a few days in a row. This did not stop the installation team for Dragonfly as the video depicts (link below). Much of the ground work and racking was installed during a month where the traditional 4 inches of rain was trounced with over 12 inches of rain. This continued through much of the project as the video shows.

We are proud of our team who literally ‘weathered’ the storm(s) bringing the facility on line in July.

This facility is the largest to be designed, installed and commissioned in the state in 2014.

Dragonfly Solar also prepared the two reports that supported the successful award of the largest Solar PV USDA REAP award in the United States last year.

Hats off to our team who are the real “deliverables”.

Time Lapse Video on YouTube channel here:

Dragonfly Solar Finishes Minnesota’s Largest Solar PV Facility in 2014



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Dragonfly Solar Chosen for Large Solar Array in Iowa at Heartland Power Cooperative


For Immediate Release                                                                               August 26, 2014

Heartland Power Cooperative Selects Dragonfly Solar as  Contractor For Community Solar Project

Heartland Power Cooperative has signed an agreement with Dragonfly Solar for the development of the Heartland Power Community Solar Project.  Dragonfly Solar will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, and construction of the 852 kW community solar array that will be located along Highway 218 just east of St. Ansgar, Iowa.

The project, expected to be complete by the end of the year, provides Heartland Power members the opportunity to easily participate in renewable energy without the individual research, construction, and maintenance required of a stand-alone solar system.  The array will produce nearly 1.2 million kilowatt hours annually, enough energy to power approximately 125 homes each year. 

Dragonfly Solar, based in Lakeville, Minnesota has developed several solar projects throughout the Midwest, most recently nearing completion of a 517kW project near Oronoco, Minnesota.  Dragonfly Solar was also recently featured in a video series by Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy, for their development and installation of the solar PV facility located at Luther College in Decorah.

“We are looking forward to working with Dragonfly Solar,” notes Jon Leerar, CEO/General Manager at Heartland Power, “and increasingly excited to bring this opportunity to our members as there has been significant interest throughout the process of this project.”

“We feel very fortunate to have been chosen by Heartland for this project” said Steve Peters, president of Dragonfly Solar.  “They utilized a very disciplined process demonstrative of the kind of creative leadership our industries need to deliver complex solutions to complex issues”.

Heartland Power Cooperative is a rural electric utility with offices in Thompson and St. Ansgar, Iowa serving 9 counties in northern Iowa and 3 counties in southern Minnesota.  Heartland Power serves approximately 5,200 members and roughly 1,920 miles of line.

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Dragonfly Solar Nears Completion in Electric Cooperative Solar PV Project – Oronoco, Minnesota

Dragonfly Solar nears completion on the Midwest’s first ever Electric Cooperative solar PV facility collaborative effort in Oronoco, Minnesota.

Dragonfly Solar Electric Cooperative West View

Dragonfly Solar PV Project – West View

This is a first of it’s kind effort in the Midwest and was implemented at the forefront of the current upward trend in Minnesota Solar PV market. That being so, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the project.

Dragonfly Solar Electric Cooperative Project - East View

Dragonfly Solar PV Facility for Electric Cooperative Collaborative Effort – East View

“This was a unique project from the on-set”, said Steve Peters, President of Dragonfly Solar. It began last year when Dragonfly prepared both the Technical and Feasibility studies required to accompany the USDA REAP Grant application for the project.

We later learned that Dragonfly was awarded both of the projects we had submitted for REAP funding and both were the highest amount given in the entire united states – amounts each 3 times the next highest award.

“We were fortunate in this project and another pending in Iowa to get full funding for both. These two were the 2 largest Solar REAP Grant awards in the entire United States last year .” He went on to say “we believe this speaks to the depth and breadth of capabilities we have available for our clients.”

    The collaboration between 3 of Dairyland Power’s member cooperatives:

People’s Energy Cooperative

Tri-County Electric Cooperative and

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services

is seen as a progressive move within the electric cooperative market The three coop’s developed a Special Purpose Entity to own and manage the facility being developed by Dragonfly Solar of Lakeville, Minnesota.  Dairyland Power has agreed to buy the power the facility produces.

Recently, the project attracted attention from the White House and President Obama who were interested in learning more about the components necessary to facilitate more  projects like this.

When you need the project on time, within budget, no excuses - call Dragonfly Solar 855-ECO-1SUN

Dragonfly Solar 855-ECO-1SUN



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