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With all the effort around renewable energy and specifically solar, the industry has failed to offer little creativity to the design process.

The decision to install a solar system on your building or property is a relatively long term decision. In most cases, 25 to 40 years. Yet what we see are most often bland cookie cutter installations that lack vision and creativity.

This is because in most cases, the team behind the installation are installers first. They approach installations from the top down. That is, they look at the panels they intend to use for whatever reasons, then look to the manufacturers as to the quickest, cheapest, traditional methods for installation. This is not a criticism, they often lack the skills necessary to design much different. In addition, many hosts push so hard on price that they force a bare bones implementation. For many roof installs with little to no visibility, this is fine as long as local weather and building codes are taken into account. But in today’s ecological environment, savvy corporations leverage their renewable energies investments by marketing their efforts, further establishing their position as leaders in good corporate environmental stewardship. Don’t waste the opportunity to do something more with it. DragonFly Solar was formed on purpose with the talent to address this specifically.

Whether you are just beginning your information gathering; or you think you have a decision made, allow us to have a shot at the design and pricing. It will keep everyone honest and provide confidence for you in knowing you are making the right choice.

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