Why You Need Dragonfly Solar



So, are you an expert on renewable energy?

For example:

  1. Do you understand the complete financial implication for you and your business, right now, on your property(s)?
  2. How is it likely to affect you in the near future? Under what conditions?
  3. What if the economy stays where it is at? If it tanks like October 2008?
  4. Are there any models today that can teach us anything to assist in our decisioning processes?
  5. Are there soft costs associated with commercial solar and other renewables that are frequently un-accounted for?
  6. How can you quantify the additional lift to be gained by positioning your company correctly when defining and implementing a renewables strategy?
  7. FINALLY: Do you know and trust anyone who can take you from where you are right now, to deep understanding of all options – to objective guidance on prioritized strategy and financing options, to detailed implementation plans, to one stop installation – every bolt torqued, every lead connected and switches flipped on your successful implementation(s) while your employees, business partners and customers look forward to your position as a “Green Leader”?

Much of what we do would qualify as “private labeling”. What I mean by that is we focus on designs that separate our clients from the rest of the same ole’ same ole’ pack. We are different because we have very deep, creative design core business talent and expertise in addition to our breadth and depth in solar and global business experience in general.

Below is an example of a custom solar car port electric vehicle charging implementation we finished in 2011 for the headquarters of one of the world’s largest corporations. Again – “private labeled”. There are grand opening events planned for the 1st and 2nd phases soon so we are limited in what we can share until then.

Dragonfly Custom Solar EV Charging Stations

Dragonfly Custom Solar EV Charging Stations



This is part of a global initiative. We are excited to be a part of it.


Solar Electric Vehicle Charging

Solar Electric Vehicle Charging by Dragonfly Solar



Why is this effort so different?

For starters, this initiative used the clients own solar panels which constituted the first time they had been installed ever in the US.

Similarly, we used the clients own commercial chargers, also a first.

Finally, we custom designed and built the structures for these specific products and for the exact location maximizing available space and integrating with existing architectural nuances. This is where we excel. We could have installed a few mass produced structures and ignored the specifics which we chose to leverage for a unique, brand-able implementation.

OUR GOAL: Leverage our unique skills and experience to maximize our clients returns while leaving a legacy that is different than what exists today for our children…one client at a time.

Please contact us for a discussion on how we might be able to help you help us all.

Generally it is our goal to use our site mainly as an educational source for the benefit of many. Forgive us from time to time when we may venture into a little commercialism to keep the lights on.

Thank you.


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