Dragonfly Solar Nears Completion in Electric Cooperative Solar PV Project – Oronoco, Minnesota

Dragonfly Solar nears completion on the Midwest’s first ever Electric Cooperative solar PV facility collaborative effort in Oronoco, Minnesota.

Dragonfly Solar Electric Cooperative West View

Dragonfly Solar PV Project – West View

This is a first of it’s kind effort in the Midwest and was implemented at the forefront of the current upward trend in Minnesota Solar PV market. That being so, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the project.

Dragonfly Solar Electric Cooperative Project - East View

Dragonfly Solar PV Facility for Electric Cooperative Collaborative Effort – East View

“This was a unique project from the on-set”, said Steve Peters, President of Dragonfly Solar. It began last year when Dragonfly prepared both the Technical and Feasibility studies required to accompany the USDA REAP Grant application for the project.

We later learned that Dragonfly was awarded both of the projects we had submitted for REAP funding and both were the highest amount given in the entire united states – amounts each 3 times the next highest award.

“We were fortunate in this project and another pending in Iowa to get full funding for both. These two were the 2 largest Solar REAP Grant awards in the entire United States last year¬†.” He went on to say “we believe this speaks to the depth and breadth of capabilities we have available for our clients.”

    The collaboration between 3 of Dairyland Power’s member cooperatives:

People’s Energy Cooperative

Tri-County Electric Cooperative and

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services

is seen as a progressive move within the electric cooperative market The three coop’s developed a Special Purpose Entity to own and manage the facility being developed by Dragonfly Solar of Lakeville, Minnesota. ¬†Dairyland Power has agreed to buy the power the facility produces.

Recently, the project attracted attention from the White House and President Obama who were interested in learning more about the components necessary to facilitate more  projects like this.

When you need the project on time, within budget, no excuses - call Dragonfly Solar 855-ECO-1SUN

Dragonfly Solar 855-ECO-1SUN



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