Dragonfly Solar Chosen to Build 1 MW Project for Smart Technologies in Rhode Island

Dragonfly Solar is both excited and honored to be partnering with a company like Smart Technologies on this project. You can read more on Smart Technologies by clicking on their name.

It is part of a growing relationship between the two companies starting with the 1 MW (2-3 acres), ground mount due to begin this spring as part of a 16 acre future relationship.

Smart Technology Energy LLC is run by Mr. Joseph Higgibottom Jr. Joseph W. Higginbottom, Jr. of Roxbury is a graduate of Boston University and has had a successful career in business presently focusing on alternative, renewable energy solutions since 1988, 26 years of experience. Mr. Higginbottom’s recent years has been devoted to and developing the professional management team to develop and advance energy conservation, efficiency and systems and solutions.

Smart Technologies Energy’s intent is to create viable jobs as well as to encourage and inspire people, low- and moderate-income communities to become part of and play an active and vital role in the betterment and economic empowerment in their own communities. This aligns perfectly with the goals set 7 years ago by partners Bob Messerich and Steve Peters.

“It is great when two companies with the same heart come together for the betterment of their communities. Again, we are proud to be a part of this endeavor, said Mr. Peters, President of Dragonfly Solar”

Partners with Dragonflysolar

Partnering with Dragonfly Solar Today and Tomorrow!

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