Dragonfly Solar Chosen to Oversee and Consult on 50 MW Project in Maryland

Sometimes when people and companies work hard to be the best they can be and just keep their heads down focusing on where their skills are a differentiator and where they need improvement, like we at Dragonfly have tried to do for over 7 years now, it hopefully gets awarded by becoming known around the U.S. This, we believe, is what got Dragonfly Solar involved in this 50 MW project in Maryland with more to follow.

We are in deep discussions for projects in Rhode Island and Virginia as well. This, in addition to being one of 13 chosen out of hundreds of applications from all around the U.S. including the really big names in the business for Xcel Energy’s RDF Fund. We will be building a 1 MW project within an existing wind farm this spring. I am sure this has probably been done somewhere, but not in Minnesota or likely nowhere close to the Midwest. At least none that we are aware of.

The Solar PV market has changed at a blinding speed especially over the last two years or so. Fortunately, it headed in the direction Dragonfly has been working hard and preparing for over the last 7 years – betting on these kind of changes coming to fruition. Whether great foresight or a little luck or both…we are grateful for the work.

Existing NDA’s don’t allow us to say much more than this.

It has been a hard market for a long time and we wish good luck to all in this industry.

All the best,

Steve Peters
Dragonfly Solar

Dragonfly Solar


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