Dragonfly Solar Completes 2nd Solar Project for Luther College

We are pleased to announce that Dragonfly Solar has completed Phase 2 at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

The project consisted of two ground mount solar facilities separated by a river bed and both in a flood plain.

Luther Ground Mount Overview Drawing

The second component was 100 kW roof top solar on the college’s Preus Library. Dragonfly Racking Preus at Luther College

This now accounts once again for the largest system in Iowa at over 1.1 MW. We have been competing with ourselves as the previous largest site was the facility we built right before starting on Luther which was for another coop (we seem to be in good standing with this very knowledgable group which we take as a compliment of sorts). That project was for Heartland Power Cooperative which came in at 856 kW and was built near one of their two offices in St. Ansgar, Iowa.

Here you see where we added onto the back of the first project in 2012: smallest portion half racking luther old array side copy.jpg

We are grateful that Luther and the projects financier chose us again. We hope that also says something about our company and the kind of work we consistently do.

Luther Ground Mount beginning West half

Although our sweet spot has been in the 500 kW to 10 MW range, we are often called in varios sized projects especially if it requires some complexity due to site restrictions,new product usage or other first time-never done before type projects. This is where our decades of experience really makes a difference. The real upside for clients with projects of various sizes is they still get the same outstanding engineering (done in house), as well as all required CAD drawings for history, commissioning (also done in house), etc….which Dragonfly Solar has become well known for. /Users/bobmesserich/Google Drive/DragonFly files/Luther 2014/Lut

We often can perform so well at such competitive prices because of the in house work…..we subcontract very little – mainly only serious excavation, fencing and occasional concrete work. Luther---Dragonfly-West-half-ground-mount-done

We are an honest group of 25 year or more veterans with the accompanying experience in the positions where it really makes a difference in our projects from beginning to end.

Give Dragonfly Solar a call at 855-ECO-1SUN (if you want to talk with me as the President, I am at ext 700), or send an email to contact@dragonflysolar.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for considering Dragonfly and for considering solar – your grandchildren will be forever grateful.

And an very special thank you to Luther College. After two projects over a few years, I can tell you I have not dealt with a group of people who bring such a high degree of intelligence and professionalism. These folks are really really smart which makes our job in complex projects much easier. They are a national leader when it comes to the total picture of what a seriously dedicated, small carbon footprint motivated, institution looks like. It is no accident that then National Secretary of Energy Steven Chu chose Luther’s Solar project for his first government video on how to do this right. He was spot on!

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