Dragonfly Solar begins Building Canisteo 1 MW Project Awarded from Xcel RDF Fund

Although there has been process involved in getting to the build stage, Dragonfly can finally say we will begin building in October.

The overhead below is an example of a ! MW farm built for Heartland Power Cooperative in St. Ansgar, Iowa. 

Dragonfly Solar Largest System in Iowa

Dragonfly Solar in Iowa

Part of the attraction to the Xcel and the RDF committee is to observe and determine the pro’s and con’s of building a solar plant in the middle of a large wind farm.

The project will be hosted by Garwin McNeilus. Garwin began with nothing years ago to become the national standard for building Cement Mixers and the finished product-Cement Trucks. Chances are if you have seen one driving down the road, it is one of Garwin’s as his trucks have become the de-facto standard in the industry. He also designs, builds and ships fully collapsable metal buildings where his crew can erect a church in Arica in a day or two. He has been a true inventor his entire life with building in Africa something Garwin is very committed to.

Dragonfly has developed a good relationship with Garwin and his team as we proceeded through all the necessary steps to get to final stage to begin the build next month.

We are excited to have been one of the thirteen projects chosen and look forward to proving once again how well our team designs and builds solar facilities in the Midwest, and the East Coast; as well as honored to be working with Garwin and his team.

January 18, 2018 UPDATE:

Obviously there were unexpected delays. We will provide more information as it is confirmed.

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