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Dragonfly Solar is a national commercial solar and environmental solutions company. We design, build and finance custom solutions to meet client needs from early solar needs analysis to development, installation and commissioning. Unique capabilities in branding design and IT integration, complex multi-continent project management, as well as deep commercial solar construction design and build experience have helped position us as a flexible, creative, entrepreneurial company with the ability to deliver real, quantifiable value. If you are not working to leverage your installations in ways that could end up in your marketing materials…you are leaving value on the table. Hire us from the beginning and we can assure you this will not happen.

Our Beliefs

Growing evidence of global environmental harm attributable to fossil fuel based energy dependence coupled with increased cost to extract more difficult to reach diminishing reserves will likely combine with other inflationary energy pressures to raise the costs of  energy to consumers. For over six years now, we were sure that as prices for solar components and installations continued to come down, eventually these two lines would intersect allowing cleaner, preferred energy sources to become competitive. This is certainly the case in many areas of the US today. Even with the explosion of Fracking and the affect is has had on the price of gas…utility providers do not run power plants on that kind of gas of course. Today unfortunately as an example, still almost half of power delivered in Minnesota is from coal and nuclear. Although some of the largest utilities are retro-fitting a plant or two over the coming years to natural gas, if the full knowledge of what Fracking is doing to our fresh water supply and our supporting sub surfaces, many things will have to change their as well or we are just adding to our decline in the environment by all the negative affects in our water and ground, only to deliver the same types of fuels that are affecting us as a planet. And costs for the electricity you buy keeps going up…they have to. Someone has to pay for the retro-fits and new supply lines from the Fracking. Very few things are getting cheaper for anyone – except solar.

As these forces become more widely recognized, we are certain that businesses and institutions will turn to renewable’s as the internal hurdles and metrics turn positive accompanied by growing public awareness and preference for working with and for companies and institutions that get out in front and lead.  The economics coupled with a growing acceptance of our roles as stewards is demanding creative leadership and delivery. Below are ways we can help you do that.

Finally, we feel there are gaps in the delivery of these solutions from existing providers and have purposefully built our company around these gaps and focus on these areas as our company’s go to market strategy and key differentiators…

Driven By Design – a key tenant of Dragonfly Solar believes most solar companies leave a lot on the table of many installations based on their lack of creative design skills and experience. It is a core commitment from Dragonfly that  there is a way to deliver the energy and associated returns in a creative, brand-able way for our clients. Our key designers have decades of proven creative structural design in addition to the requisite solar electric design and implementation experience which we leverage whenever possible providing identity and brand enhancement from our commercial solar and related projects.

Board Room Business – a strategic decision was made to add “C” level talent to the company to help position and lead Dragonfly at an experience level capable of operating and delivering solutions that meet the expectation of some of the largest companies in the world. Steve Peters was brought on board to lead this effort based on 26 years of defining and delivering first ever large scale initiatives across the US and as far as India. Mr. Peters was responsible for establishing several young start-ups by finding and delivering their very first clients, primarily in the IT/Technology sectors. It was clear that to become a true partner in renewables to the largest companies, Dragonfly had to be able to intimately understand and work in harmony with the internal workings of large corporations and institutions; especially the decisioning processes used to evaluate opportunity. In his words, “We need to be able to clearly define the opportunity as well as risk before we think of presenting anything to our client’s senior management. These are the expectations at the top of these organizations and our industry has not always done this very well, we will.”

Partnership Communication – we commit to a partnership based communication style across the board. Part of the value to our clients is initially behind the scenes as we charge ourselves with bringing forth ideas that we feel uniquely positioned to bring. Ideas are a waste of time until they are “born” in a context that brings them to life. Our clients can and should play an active part in our creative design process and we are very good at facilitating these efforts. It is not at all unusual for our customers to get calls from Dragonfly outlining ideas that have already been well vetted as a good specific fit.

Broad Based – Multi Continent Project Management Experience – when applicable, we bring the skills and experience that can deliver on complex, multi-faceted projects. Our team has experience leading projects operating concurrently on different continents well into the multi-million dollar arena. We believe it is a rare skill set in the solar arena and one we take pride in bringing to our client engagements.

Marketing – Dragonfly has staff experienced in copy-writing who also understands the solar-renewable energy deliverables. You may want to read that one again as the pool of organizations who can say that is very small. As a key deliverable, we always assemble relevant information for all commercial projects to provide the data and support so our clients can utilize the information to stake their claim as leaders in sustainability within their respective markets.

IT Support – From ownership down through the ranks there is deep experience and interest in the potential technology has to partner with renewable initiatives for the market and our clients. We have relationships and experience to manage and support potential client and industry’s use of technology within the markets we serve. If you have special circumstances and believe that another third party consulting firm will be necessary to fully enable your project, we haven’t talked to us.

USDA Reap Grant Preparation & Submission – In 2013, we were approached by two different investor groups to prepare and submit the USDA Reap Feasibility and Technical Reports for submission to the USDA. Although this was our first attempt, we believed our deep experience in solar development industry along with decades of professional services and Fortune 500 business relationship management, construction design and build along with marketing-communications talent positioned us as strong candidates to perform this job well.

We designed the two systems and completed the two very in depth and lengthy supporting reports and submitted to the USDA for REAP funding in late summer 2013. Both projects were fully funded at over $350,000 each making them the largest awards for solar in America for 2013.

We believe that this once again helps support our contention that we are a very different solar developer – solutions provider. Although no-one can absolutely guarantee a fully funded REAP submission, so far we are batting 1000%. If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact us and we can talk further about your potential project(s).

NOTE: These reports require an incredible amount of effort to do well. We are equipped to do only a certain amount of them at any one time, so we need to be careful to make sure these engagements are a good match for everyone. 

Solar and Environmental Initiative Consulting Services  – We have been engaged to perform complicated and creative sustainable initiatives/services from a widely diverse group of customers.

 Our Customers

Non Profits, Government Entities, Utilities, Cooperatives, Churches, Medical Facilities, Commercial Property Management Companies, Office Complexes, Malls, Grocery Stores, Data Centers and most other businesses.

In addition, we have developed exceptional depth and breadth of experience in educational institutions: public and private school districts and some of the United States’ leading sustainable colleges and universities.

 Additional Company Information

Whenever possible, we look to hire and mentor men and women who have earned a second chance in life. US Veterans are at the top of the list as are men and women in recovery and those who have been incarcerated after establishing a track record of commitment to turning their lives around. We believe our highest calling is to be “recycler’s” of the most valuable kind- the human spirit.

This is further supported by the choice in our company’s name. A dragonfly begins it’s life rather far from being a dragonfly. Not unlike much of the human condition (or sometimes fresh start-ups or long in the tooth can’t change companies for that matter), we don’t begin where we want to end. Nor does the beginning matter when compared to the direction, effort and commitment to the end we stand firm to deliver. The dragonfly goes through a rather remarkable struggle only to move well beyond survival and emerge as an engineering marvel where design meets efficiency and artistry in motion.

Commercial solar for the last decade has not been without challenges. However, we stayed the course focusing on bringing more to our relationships than our competitors in the depth and breadth of our experience and skill sets, so that when the market caught up-as we were sure it eventually would, we would be the go-to solutions provider. Whether we are custom designing and installing solar car ports for a Fortune 50 company, or designing and installing the largest Solar PV facility in Iowa at one of the top 10 sustainable colleges in the U.S., or successfully obtaining 2 of the largest USDA REAP Grants in America last year – we get the job done on time, at or below budget.

We believe there is not one other full service  company better positioned to help you in this market than Dragonfly Solar.

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